Humans of Krakow


To document a city, it's people, their histories

It has been a while since I was here...

Hope you have been well and all goes fine for you and have a great holidays plans... 


Need to say so much has happened since my last post here and I am not talking here about the exhibition (by the way, thank you very much to all of you who came to the Opening Evening) but above all about the change that I can feel that comes to my photography; my perception of Street Photography, next steps, directions... 

A new Series of HumansofKrakow

As you may know, I have attended portfolio review; a great event that was organized as one of many events linked to Krakow Photo Festival. I opened my heart, my photography to five unknown people who turned out to be great source of inspiration. Their words, advise made me think about what I should do... And the outcome is that I am planning to create as much as possible (if time allows) series of photographs presenting #HumansofKrakow. It is not a new concept as it has been there for a while but it seems still uncovered here in Krakow. Maybe you will ask yourself why does he want to pursue this idea? Maybe because to create stories about people around us. People whom we do not know but we live in the same city. And I am really under impression how vibrant Krakow is, tourists, students, the citizens... 

Just think what American society would be if the images taken by Vivian Maier were never found?  Just look at her photographs - masterpieces she created about the simple life of people of Chicago, New York... 

Thus, if you think this is a good idea, get in touch please. Maybe together we can create something extraordinary. 

All the best and have a great holidays by the way! 



Photography Exhibition

My first photo exhibition in Krakow

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The works will showcase black and white images of People in the streets of Polish and European Cities.

As a part of Photo Month Krakow, this will be the first photo exhibition in the history of Mercure Kraków Old Town hotel which was opened 1,5 year ago. Those who know me, I am a passionate photographer that focuses not only his camera, lens, eye but above all my heart on Life of streets where I live, visit or simply am. And it has been for six years now.

I have found his passion for this type of photography during one-week workshop in Morocco which I attended in 2012. In addition, I used to live in London that time where the multicultural aspect of British Capital gave me a full spectrum to master my skills to capture this Decisive Moment. And again, those who know, my main inspiration comes mainly from well-known Henri Cartier-Bresson and Vivian Maier.

I can describe my work not only by black, grey and white colours but above all the uniqueness. I try to present People at the very candid moment that in many cases will not happen again. This will be my 4th exhibition (first in Krakow). I have showcased my photographs at The Camera Club as well as at Jealous Gallery in Shoreditch, London. Now, you have an opportunity to see my work at Mercure Kraków Old Town hotel.

The Private Viewing is scheduled for 1st June 2018 at 7.00pm. If you plan to attend, please let know here
The Exhibition ends 15th June 2018. 


This is for you, dear Street Photographers

Calling all Street Photographers

Happy to share your work here

Get in touch now to be featured

Photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth which can make them come back again.
— Henri Cartier-Bresson

Dear Colleagues, Street Photographers! 

It has come to my mind when I was approached by Sebastian to present his work on my website that I should invite all of you who wants to share your best images with me to promote this unique photo discipline. Thus, if you are interested and want to showcase your work, feel free to get in touch via any channel you prefer and I will be happy to share your art here with my audience! 

Look forward to hearing from you! 


Gdansk through my lens

Explore a bit of Gdansk with me...

A city where Polish freedom was born!

A city with a great hunger for a better future...

It was in 2005 when I visited Gdansk last time... I have not been to Polish seaside since then. I remembered Old Town, the canal, river, the harbour but all seemed to be so blurry until mid February 2018 when I went to see my colleague and extended my stay over the weekend. Despite fairly cold days, together with my sister's family, we scrolled through streets of Gdansk. And need to admit, that was an amazingly nice surprise to see this city so open, free, tolerant and above all eager to develop, grow and become the most important harbour in Baltic Sea. 

For those who do not know, apart from what happened there on 1st of September 1939 - II World War broke up there, the city and its citizens; especially workers of Gdansk Shipyard with a great leader; Lech Walesa commenced a series of industrial actions that led to creation of Solidarnosc and later after horrible events; including the declaration of Martial Law in Poland, the beginning of the end of communism in Central Eastern Europe. 

Therefore, this visit to Gdansk really touched my heart. I realised how much history can be gathered in a fairly small town of Gdansk.  Currently, the city goes through a massive restoration. You can see the construction cranes almost everywhere. The city boosts with new investments that will create this place even better for the habitants as well as visitors. 

And for us photographers, it creates a place of so many opportunities. People are kind and nice. Open. Tolerant. It is mainly due to respect to the past and hope for the future. Please make sure you spend some good quality time at World War II Museum. 

Hungarian Capital in Black and White (a bit of colour this time)

Budapest - the City of Bridges

And Lights

It has been more than a week, since I have returned from business / leisure trip to Budapest which I visited for the first time in 2003 with my hotel mates. I have used this title: the City of Bridges as these constructions are simply amazing; all of them that connect the Buda and Pest, that hang proudly above very wide Danube River. 

The city of almost 2 million people, with great transportation links; buses, four underground lines and trams… these noisy moving orange machines add a great feel and look to the city. Someone who decided to keep them as they are was absolutely right. 

It is seen that the entire Hungarian life concentrate in the capital as the country does not have other large towns as Poland, Italy or the UK. It is evident, the city is one of the most important tourist destination in Europe / World. The hotel market is very competitive and almost all well-known hotel brands have their properties here.  The Capital is a very multicultural hug of Central Europe; more than Krakow in my opinion. 

What I felt the lack of is, the smile. People of Budapest (and please do not feel offended) do not smile, run away with their thoughts around their day. English language is well spoken around the city and thank God as Hungarian language is one of the most difficult ones and I did not understand any single word… 

If you have a chance, get on plane, bus, car and stroll down to Hungarian Capital. You will be nicely surprised as the city has so much to offer. City Clubbers, shopping bargain hunters and above all to night photographers (do not forget a stable and firm tripod).