Winter Street Photography

Winter in Krakow

Black and White Photography during a snowy day

Winter is here in Krakow

And the January time has created a great photo opportunity for all of us who make black and white photo stories. To be frank, it was a fairly nice photo walk, despite the snow and wind. Maybe because, I have not done any photo walks in a while. 

People walking, dogs barking and running, birds seeking any kind of food and peaceful calm despite the fact I was in the heart of Krakow. That makes me relaxed the best; camera on my neck, tranquility around and above scenery that cannot look better than in black and white.

See the photographs yourself! 

Winter Street Photography

New Year, new photo opportunities... 

Hope 2017 has started well for you...  

Winter Street Photography in Kraków

Winter Street Photography; A man in Planty during snowstorm in Kraków. 

It has been a while since I posted here for the last time... Almost a month now but so much has happened since then. First of all, I got a new job and work as Guest Experience Manager for Orbis hotels in Krakow and I am based at brand new Mercure Krakow Stare Miasto hotel which was opened last September. I have settled in Krakow where I live now... Have to admit the return to Poland has been very smooth so far... 

Over last month I have met a great bunch of street photographers who share the same passion as I do for example Chris Wilson We have even laid some plans for some great activities in a new year. Sounds really exciting.  I am sure there will be much to do in the streets of Krakow with our cameras in hand.  What really made my day today was... snowfall... I know it may sound ridiculous but tonight's weather conditions in Krakow have caused unknown photo opportunities as I have never experienced before (there was no proper winter in the UK). A very low light (coming mainly from lampposts), reflected from snow, the pedestrians rushing home, seeking shelter from wind and cold created an amazing atmosphere that I just had to photograph. See the gallery here

I hope to be here more frequently as I dot not want and will NOT give up on my photography. If you have any suggestions, ideas please feel to share it with me via a contact form or in the comment field. And of course, any feedback on the shots from tonight are welcome... 

Until the next time, stay well and keep photographing...