The best Polish city for Street Photography

Street Photography in Krakow

Of course it’s all luck.
— Henri Cartier-Bresson

Shadows of Krakow

Shadows of Krakow

It is almost one month since I have moved to Krakow after ten years in London. The UK capital was the city where my passion for photography was born. I held three great exhibitions across such places as London’s Camera Club and The Jealous Gallery (see here some captures from these great events). London Chinatown as well as Southbank were the places the most often visited by me. Also in London I made great friendships with great people; to name a few; Marta, Kadir, Gosia, Anna, Armando and more. I learnt a lot there, got a great life-experience and above found inspiration for Street and Travel Photography which is my main discipline. Before I moved to Krakow I was thinking what it is going to be like there, will I find the like-minded people, will I see (in terms of photography) what I have seen in London, Paris, Barcelona or Rome. And you know what, it has been three weeks now since I am in Krakow and I am so nicely surprised. I see so much, almost everywhere I go. I can see people with their cameras walking around and photographing not only the architecture of this beautiful city but also Street Scenes. The number of different photo events taking place in the city is enormous. Last Friday I visited an amazing LueLue Gallery; a place where I could stay the whole day and more. It was full of black and white photographs of Krakow and other locations with such an approachable staff open for new emerging artists; photographers, painters, interior designers etc.  For sure I will come back there again.

Despite the fact, I have left the best city in the world and all the best friends there, I am happy to be back here in Krakow. I am happy and look forward to photographing this beautiful city and I am sure I will not get bored as Street Photography is so unique and always offers candid moments to photograph.

I will say even more… I am super lucky to be back here again…

Finally, if I could ask you to give me your feedback, comment any advise or even tell me what you would like to see in my photographs. Challenge me and I will try my best to capture it for you. Stay tuned for more posts in coming weeks, months.