Five reasons I have fallen in love with Edinburgh

Why to visit Edinburgh not only during Fringe Festival.

My second visit to the capital of Scotland during #EdFringe

Why you should get on a plane or train and experience this vibrant city whenever suits you but the month of August is the best time to go there... 

I was lucky enough to be in Edinburgh during the first weekend of Fringe Festival and must admit it has been one of my the best weekend in my life so far. To be honest, I simply have fallen in love with this magical city. I took part at a great show by Rohan walked almost 50 km in total around the town but above all took many, many photographs and not only on the Streets but also around the town so you my dear Viewer could have a sense of the city during the largest Theatre Festival in the world. 

My five main reasons why I have fallen in love with Edinburgh are:

1. People

Without them there would not be neither city, festival - there would be simply nothing. Not only the citizens who calmly welcome massive influx of tourists (the city population doubles during the month of August) but all these amazing artists who arrive to the town to give their best performance ever.

2. Atmosphere that they create 

Edinburgh does not go to sleep during the festival. 24 hours a day the city is on. Has fun, welcome the Artists, the Visitors, just enjoy sunny summer days. 

3. Night Life

If you want to go out in the evening or night, please do the research and plan. There are so many options to choose from. And what must be noted here is an amazing job that is done by the Police of Edinburgh, the Transport for Edinburgh and all of the people who work hard during the festival so us the visitors could feel, secure and welcomed. 

4. Architecture 

What an amazing Scottish heritage. If you go there, you can spend hours of wandering around the city and admire the beauty of this city. Recommend the Castle but the visit to St. Giles Cathedral made me speechless. 


In my opinion this is one of the best city to capture the dramatic sceneries of the sun, clouds and wind. Mother Nature did not allow for any single drop of rain to fall and therefore I had the opportunity to walk around the town in the sun.