Humans of Krakow


Faces of Krakow Heroes who support DEMOCRACY in Poland! 

Firstly, please forgive me this blog is in English but most of the friends are well spread across the globe and most of them understand this language. Secondly, I would like to apologise to all if I have published a photograph of you without your prior contest but I thought this is about something more than just show off my photography…

I present you here very, very few even a fraction of Heroes, Humans of Krakow who have been gathering for last six days to show to the World that they disagree with proposed changes within Supreme Court Legislation in Poland. They all know that these changes will bring Poland back where it was before 1989…

They do not dispute the reform of Legal Norms in Poland, even more, they support it but all of this must be conducted in accordance with Polish Constitution. Yesterday, they said it loud and clear; 3 times Veto for all three reforms and they urged President Mr. Duda to bin all of them.

Tonight, they will be gathering again, and I am sure the same happens in coming days… Please support us, share the message and do not lose the hope in us. Europe, the World, WE WILL BE BACK!