Humans from Oxford Street

Humans from Oxford Street

A collection of candid street portraits taken during recent trip to London

There is no other place like streets of London where I feel a real joy of Street Photography

You will ask why? I think that the main reason that this is the city where I found my passion and dedication for this type of photography. I was on my way to meet a talented actor Rohan whom I photographed last time during his show at Edinburgh Fringe earlier in August this year. Suddenly I felt a great need to photograph (again) these crowds, people, their faces around me.

All of the rush, somewhere, from shop to shop, to the tube, bus stop, somewhere and only they knew where they were heading. And me, in contrast to them, I stood still and started photographing. I simply felt inspired. I know that some of you will say, just basic street shots but for me that was a moment of real pleasure; kind of realisation, meeting with myself and my mind.

Have a look….