Gdansk through my lens

Explore a bit of Gdansk with me...

A city where Polish freedom was born!

A city with a great hunger for a better future...

It was in 2005 when I visited Gdansk last time... I have not been to Polish seaside since then. I remembered Old Town, the canal, river, the harbour but all seemed to be so blurry until mid February 2018 when I went to see my colleague and extended my stay over the weekend. Despite fairly cold days, together with my sister's family, we scrolled through streets of Gdansk. And need to admit, that was an amazingly nice surprise to see this city so open, free, tolerant and above all eager to develop, grow and become the most important harbour in Baltic Sea. 

For those who do not know, apart from what happened there on 1st of September 1939 - II World War broke up there, the city and its citizens; especially workers of Gdansk Shipyard with a great leader; Lech Walesa commenced a series of industrial actions that led to creation of Solidarnosc and later after horrible events; including the declaration of Martial Law in Poland, the beginning of the end of communism in Central Eastern Europe. 

Therefore, this visit to Gdansk really touched my heart. I realised how much history can be gathered in a fairly small town of Gdansk.  Currently, the city goes through a massive restoration. You can see the construction cranes almost everywhere. The city boosts with new investments that will create this place even better for the habitants as well as visitors. 

And for us photographers, it creates a place of so many opportunities. People are kind and nice. Open. Tolerant. It is mainly due to respect to the past and hope for the future. Please make sure you spend some good quality time at World War II Museum.