Palm Sunday in Krakow

One week prior to Easter

Why Krakow is "undersold"?

In the past years around this time of the year, I was already ready for another Easter Break. Either I was spending it with my friends in London or around the UK. A few years ago, I went to Alghero to witness magical celebrations as I have never seen before. Of course, wherever I went, I had my camera with me. 

This year is different as I am in Krakow and decided to show you what is a real Polish Easter - highly likely not known to many of you. I headed down to Rynek, Market Square today as the Palm Sunday celebrations took place. And I did so well going there as the Rynek was full of people; locals, tourists. The Market that was prepared for this occasion appeared to be a perfect spot where I was able to capture some nice street scenes; people but also the local products so typical for Polish Easter Culture; palms, buckets, bread, eggs and many others. 

I could see hear the tourists say „It is great”, „I love it”, „I need to buy it” Their smartphones were in constant use as they were capturing the mass of colours that surrounded them and probably hit all their senses. 

And I was thinking… especially as I have been told recently by one of the guests at the hotel „Krakow is so undersold” and you should know they chose Krakow over Rome… Why is that? Why don't the Krakow authorities promote our city in a better way, around Europe? Why? Or if they do, why they do not communicate it with us, the people of Krakow who live and work here. I can say that Krakow has become a Brand now. It is so well positioned on the map of Europe but still, we have so much to do in order to be on the travellers’ minds as a great spot the weekend or even longer stay.

Anyway, I was lucky today to memorise today’s moments using my camera (Canon 6D). It might be a bit too early but let me wish you a great Easter Time.